Boosting Energy
Transition of The
Dairy value chain


Boosting Energy Transition of ThE Dairy value chain


Project aims to facilitate companies (especially small and medium, SMEs) belonging to supply chains in the dairy sector to foster the market uptake of energy efficiency measures including the use of renewables and the deployment of heat pumps at the value chain level, moreover, the project will also significantly contribute to the reduction of fossil fuels dependency fast forwarding energy transition.

BETTED aims to facilitate the adoption of energy efficiency measures, including the use of renewable energies and heat recovery, for SMEs in the dairy supply chain. Additionally, the project will significantly contribute to reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

The consortium, led by the University of Brescia, consists of 10 European partners, including universities, industry representatives, and energy experts, who will work towards achieving the project’s objectives.




Establish a capacity – building program and community to transform organizational energy cultures, enhancing skills and knowledge in sustinaible value chains, thus promoting energy transition for companies.



Implement tailored and easy-to-use tools engaging companies aperating in the same value chain.



Provide policy / regulatory recommendations aiming at speeding up the energy transition.



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