The BETTED Project was presented at Alimentaria Barcelona, as part of the ALIBER2024 innovation conference organized by the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries. Among the distinguished speakers, Francisco Puente from Escan captivated us with the presentation of the BETTED project – Boosting Energy Transition of the Dairy Value Chain-, aimed at driving the Energy Transition of the Dairy Value Chain. This ambitious project aims primarily to facilitate companies belonging to supply chains in the dairy sector in adopting energy efficiency measures, including the use of renewable energies and the implementation of heat pumps at the value chain level. BETTED not only seeks to improve energy efficiency but also aims to contribute to reducing dependence on fossil fuels, thus accelerating the energy transition towards a more sustainable and responsible future. Join us as we explore how these innovative initiatives are shaping the future of the dairy sector and setting the pace for a greener and more efficient industry in the future.